DFNVC - The Video Conference Service of the German Research Network

Members of the DFN community and other interested scientific organizations are welcome to use the DFN infrastructure and several services to perform videoconferences. Organizations outside the X-WiN network of DFN are reachable as well.



DFN provides a videoconferencing service based on the ITU H.323 standard for packed-based multimedia communication systems with a centralized infrastructure for multipoint conferences. This enables multimedia communication and the exchange of working documents from a PC, a workstation, a videoconference system located in a meeting room, or via the telephone. Details for participation can be found under DFNVideoConference.



The Webconferencing Service of DFN alternatively offers a Flash-based opportunity to communicate via a browser running on a PC. In addition to audio and video communication the service adds more functionality, e.g. application and data sharing, chat, whiteboard and the exchange of documents. For details of the service have a look at Webconferencing Service.

updated:11. April 2017 09:51